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    Anti-yellowing matting agent for polyester / TGIC system

    Jietonda® K7212 is a low wax content resin type matting agent designed for PES / TGIC outdoor weathering powder coating system to provide about 10% (60 °) gloss. The coating has excellent leveling and excellent resistance to panning. Yellow performance.

    1. Typical properties

    Light yellow powder
    Volatile share (%)
    [GB 1725]

    Herein described to be typical properties and do not constitute specification limits.

    2. Characteristics
      ● It has good matting performance and can provide about 10% gloss.
      ● Low wax content, the coating has excellent leveling and mechanical properties.
      ● Excellent over-baking stability, so it is recommended for applications that need good resistance to yellowing.
      ● Effectively reduce the negative effects of wax.

    3. Use method & levels
      ● Mix with other components in the formula in a high-speed mixer and then extrude through the extruder.
      ● The dosage is 2-6% of the total weight of the formula, depending on the required gloss.

    4. Package & Storage
      ● Packed in polyethylene lined kraft paper bags, each bag weighs 25 kg.
      ● Store in a cool and dry place to avoid moisture absorption. It should be closed immediately after use and away from fire sources.
      ● Based on our experience, this product is valid for at least two years at a storage temperature of ﹤ 32 ℃.


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